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こんにちわHello, I'm Trenddi Alexis

Your jack-of-all-trades creative

A Bottomless Toolbox of Creative Talents

I am a self-sufficient creative, able to adapt to workflow situations at the drop of a hat. I am able to interpret visions into a tight and presentable product and have a unique voice and vision of my own. 

I have multiple creative skills with over eight years of experience in the entertainment field working on social media content as well as big projects for larger than life entertainment companies. such as Activision Blizzard, Nickelodeon and WEBTOON. 

As an editor, photographer, and digital artist, I am a self-starter who works well in team settings, is collaborative, and has incredible instincts. I have been quick to expand my abilities to cover every element of production needs. 

I have also double as an animator, creating advertisements, motion comics reaching millions on people on platforms such as Youtube, DROPOUT streaming service and social media.

Signature Projects

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